In collaboration with local elected officials, neighborhood organizations and other community stakeholders, Rise and Mt. Sinai Development corporation is facilitating a community-driven planning process for the Winstanley Neighborhood: the area defined by State St. on the north, Broadway on the south, 10th St. on the west and the railroad tracks near 10th on the east.  We look forward to working together on the development of a shared community vision and strategies to ensure the long-term growth and vitality of the area.

This planning effort is the collective action of community-focused organizations and a steering committee made up of neighbors.


The steering committee is made up of people who live in and near the planning area.

Mt. Sinai Development Corporation is the nonprofit development entity associated with the Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. MSDC is leading the charge to revitalize the Winstanley area and is the catalyst for moving a community planning process forward.

Rise Community Development partners with communities to build stronger, more equitable St. Louis area neighborhoods. By providing capacity building technical assistance to local CDC’s, housing development and development consulting services, and access to financing, we make the connections between non-profit community organizations, financial institutions and government that make successful neighborhood revitalization possible.

Residents and Other Community Stakeholders ultimately, are the ones who will be represented by this plan, and as such it is a plan by and for them We will work tirelessly to ensure your voices and vision and reflected in our process and the final recommendations. We will also engage local and regional stakeholders who may be doing work in this area, such as Metro, local government agencies, and others.