Emeka Jackson-Hicks

As the Winstanley Community Plan process enters a new year and the planning team continues to write the plan according to community feedback, it is clear that this will be much more than a plan but rather the story of Winstanley that tells the past, present and visionary future for the community.

The community plan will provide recommendations under the following five themes: Economic Mobility, Residential Vitality, Public Realm, Social Well-Being, and Land Use. These recommendations will be geared toward realizing the Winstanley community’s vision for a “historically rich and vibrant community that is revitalized, safe, thriving and family-focused which will establish the cornerstone of our resurrection.”

The plan will also demonstrate the opportunities and assets the Winstanley community can leverage to honor their history while mobilizing for their future.

To do this means having the voice of residents throughout the plan! As drafting of the plan concludes over the next few months we will continue reaching out to residents, business owners, and other stakeholders of Winstanley to contribute quotes, stories, and facts that will inform and support the recommendations.

Once we have your voice captured and the Winstanley Community plan drafted we’ll be coming back to you, the community for your feedback!

Stay tuned for these opportunities! Please send any questions you may have to info@winstanleyplanning.com.

Emeka Jackson-Hicks
East St. Louis Mayor Emeka Jackson-Hicks waves to a supporter at the Winstanley Community Planning Kickoff Meeting.

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