Brian Hurd at Pop-Up Station

Above: Brian Hurd from Rise interacts with community members at the Pop-Up Station.

On Saturday April 6th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Rise hosted the first of two planned pop-up stations. The pop-up station was held at Personal Touch Boutique, a local business within the planning area, owned by Winstanley Steering Committee member Derrick Maxwell.

Residents and community stakeholders were able to complete a survey based on the four themes of the plan, which are: Economic Mobility, Residential Vitality, Public Realm, and Social Well-Being.

Mount Sinai Community Development supported the event by providing volunteers who grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.  Fellow Steering Committee members, Patresa Parker and Corliss Harlin-Dodds, assisted community members who had questions regarding the survey.  The event brought awareness to those that have not actively participated in past community plan meetings.  The effort afforded the opportunity to gather additional data and maintain inclusiveness of the planning process.

The day was lively and animated as people with ties to the community came out and made the day more enjoyable with laughter and stories of life in East St. Louis.

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