Attendees at Public Meeting #4 filling out priority ranking sheets

Community Workshop #4: Themes and Goals

The fourth community workshop was held at New Salem Place Apartments.  This workshop was one of the most highly attended workshops over the course of community engagement activities.  Many residents participated who had not attended previous community engagement events.  The workshop produced robust discussion that generated key concepts and ideas. The engagement stimulated informative and productive conversations.

John Cruz talks housing cost burden

Community Workshop #3: Housing

Community members were provided information on the Winstanley Plan website and were given a survey to gather more data on the communities housing needs. The workshop session engaged the community and many of the members in attendance were very vocal and provided valuable insight on solutions for a revitalized and sustainable community.

Duane Thompson Addresses the attendees of Active Design Workshop #2

Community Workshop on Active Design #2

East St. Louis, IL 62201. This was the second workshop focused on developing an active design prototype for the community building located 1100-1142 Martin Luther King Drive.

Reverend Watson and Dennis Jackson opened up the meeting with introductions of MSDC, Design Alliance, HT, and Rise Community Development and also presented the agenda for the active design workshop.

Active Design Workshop #1

Community Workshop on Active Design #1

Community members were asked to participate in an activity by writing down their answers to the following discussion question: Do you see East STL as a place that provides opportunities for physical activity?  Why or why not? Participants then broke into small groups to further brainstorm about ideas for how to further integrate active design into the community.